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Always looking forward to the good things of life!

1 July
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What can I say about me? I´m not vey good at introducing myself, the best thing you can do if you want to know a bit more about me is directly asking, but I´ll try to give you some hints! ;3

I´m a senior studying English teaching, I love manga/anime, reading and being an artist wannabe, I also adore my dog, flip :3

I tend to be an easy-going person, though a bit shy (well, a bit TOO shy, if you ask xD)I´m always trying to make my friends smile and laugh, I love being a funny person! I don´t like drama, in fact I detest it; you may see me going a bit emo at times, but it only last a couple of days maximum; as I like to say, I´m too optimistic and too much of an idiot to worry for a long time :D. Also, you should be careful if there are fragile things around me, I can reach stupid levels of clumsiness D:

My journal is friends only, but you can feel free to add me as friend, I haven´t eaten anyone to date ;D

And yes, I abuse of emoticons :D